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Ask a Physician (Blog)

How can you make my skin younger?

Many clients never thought that their face can actually look younger and healthier without a facelift.

Response: We never guarantee one to look 20 years younger. But, we do guarantee to make them look better. We reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines. Sagging skin is plumped up. There are a number of ways to do this. But how, can only be determined with an assessment of your skin. We don't charge for this. FREE evaluations conducted M-F 9-5.

Office staff

How fast will my face be presentable after your procedures?

Many of our patients are afraid that they may look odd, bruised, swollen or may leave our clinic unpresentable.

Response: 95% of our procedures are without bruising, swelling and only leave here looking better that when they walked in.
Please do not let that fear hinder you desire to look and feel better. Call for a FREE evaluation so that we can determine if you are a good candidate. 1(800)SkinCare. 

You can't really reverse the clock to antiage the body can you?

When we here of anti-aging or defying the clock, I laugh. This is not possible contrary to some people's take.

Response: We get this alot and true , no one can reverse the clock. But, we can make you look better. That is what counts. Anyone may come in for a free evaluation. (office staff)

Is a Surgical facelift a better permanent treatment?

Many clients feel that with the cost of procedures and their temporary duration- wouldn't a surgical facelift be more practical or financially smarter?

Response: In some cases yes, but more cases no. We really wouldn't know unless the patient is first assessed to determine what can be acheived with surgery or with injectables. Disadvantages of surgery are the potential complications of general anesthesia, scarring, results with the wind blow/stretched look, i.e. not acheive the desired results. Again, all potential clients should be evaluated first to determine what is best for them. This cost is absolutely FREE!

Look younger? Really?

Many patients feel that Skin Clinics exaggerate claims of looking younger?

Response: Looking Younger is always relative. Even though  we cant reverse the clock, what we do know is this: Clients are happy when they leave. Everyone always needs an evaluation before any treatment to see iif they are a good candidate. This is absolutely FREE of charge.

Too expensive and short lasting, I think.

Some clients feel that these injections for face filling of wrinkles are expensive and/or that they don't last as long as the hoped for.

Response Some fillers last longer that others. Some for as long as 2 years. Some people think short duration is an advantage incase they prefer a different look 6 months later. Some feel that the shorter time they last, the safer they are. Some patients were never informed about proper hydration allowing longer duration. What all of clients need is a discussion so that we may answer all of their questions such as these.

Office MD

How much does it cost for injection of facial fillers?

The most common question is always,"How much is it?"

Response: It depends on how severe your aging skin is. How much do you want to change it. Everyone is different is that respect. What we do know is that an evaluation by one of our skin care specialist is FREE of charge. You can then digest that procedure and cost. You then take your time and you decide if it is right for you. 
Office Staff.

I have heard alot of negative things about facial injections.

Many potential clients have heard horror stories about injections performed by incompetent clinicians. 

Response: Yes, they are out there. Incompetent individuals injecting with no formal training what so ever. Let us assure that you are only injected by either an experienced and qualified Registered Nurse or a licensed physician.

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